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Within Northwest Area Progressives, we have developed different actions to help protect important laws and policies that are threatened by President Trump and the Republican Party.


Help uphold the First Amendment right to a free press and save the Columbus Dispatch and newspapers throughout the nation from a destructive tariff on newsprint paper.


Below is a suggested letter or e-mail copy you may adapt that also summarizes the facts of the newsprint tariff.  For more information on the tariff and its desctructive intent on newspapers, Google newsprint tariff Columbus Dispatch.


Sen. Portman

Rep. Stivers


"I am writing to implore you to use your influence to block the U. S. Department of Commerce from imposing an unfair and unsupported tariff on newsprint and uncoated papers manufactured in Canada.  In an action not even supported by the U.S. newsprint paper industry, the Department of Commerce is suspiciously acting on the complaint of ONLY ONE U.S. paper company (North Pacific Paper Company) saying Canadian paper companies are undercutting their business.  In fact, demand for newsprint has dropped 75 percent since 2000 at no fault of Canadian suppliers.


If you stand by the US Constitution (which you vociferously do when it comes to Second Amendment rights), think about what this devious tariff would do to First Amendment rights.  It will put a strangle hold on the right to a free press by increasing their cost of doing business by as much as 30 percent, thereby increasing the cost of newspapers, books and other printed materials to over-strapped American consumers.  Perhaps that is what you want!! Well, the people don’t want to lose our only daily newspaper in the Columbus area.


I urge you to contact the U.S. Department of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and take immediate steps to rescind this tariff that is meant to be blatantly destructive of the news industry and the thousands of jobs it represents."


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